• Chandler Smith

Through It All

When we first met

I was scared of a title,

Being firm set

on keeping things idle

I cared for you much

But tried to show little

Because my heart was broken

Right through the middle

I hope that you know now

That you are my star

With you as my sun

We can venture so far

Without you with me

I don't know where I'd be

When you're in a crowd

You're the only face I see

Imagine an ocean

So vast and so wide

My love is much greater,

When I look in your eyes

It floods and it pours

Through my mouth and my heart

I wish you’d known this

Right from the start

I cherish your presence,

I love your smile

I will stay by your side,

Mile after mile.

When I hear your voice

My heart starts racing

I get so excited

I can’t keep from pacing.

When I first knew I loved you,

You never have asked

But if I'm being honest

It happened too fast

My heart did a backflip

My stomach fluttered

I got so infatuated

I rambled and stuttered

We haven't celebrated

Our time together yet

But when you decide

On a date, then it's set

We'll have our own day,

One just to ourselves

It'll be our own Christmas,

With puppies as elves

Let's dance and laugh

And love each other

Because what is life

Without one another?

I wish I had words

To describe the feeling

When I laid eyes on you,

And my heart hit the ceiling

To stay together,

Through good times and bad,

You're the single best lady

That I've ever had

One day we'll have babies

And you'll be a mom

And I'll be the dad

Of a daughter or son

Scrambled together

Our traits can combine

Will they have your smile?

Or will they have mine?

I hope that you know

Just how much I love you

You are my angel

A Halo becomes you

So now let me say

Just two last things

I'm yours forever

You are my last “fling.”

I will always love you, never forget that, no matter what


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