• Chandler Smith


Scratching from within,

This terrible disease,

It wants to flee my body,

For then it will be pleased.

Dissociating in a dim diner,

Defending dogma diligently,

Despite daring to differentiate

Depression and disinterest, duly.

How can it escape,

When it came from within,

I want to let it go,

My defenses, paper thin

Eventually escaping every engagement,

Entangled, entrapped, enraged.

Everything, everyone, engulfed in ether

Eventually, every escape, escaped.

The demons that dance within me awake,

The reason for my laughter may seem obvious,

But don't believe the first look you take.

For some beauty appears monotonous.

More and more, the moan of misery,

Making me melt my mind to mend it

Moving me to memorize the motions

Mocking, mirroring, merely making it.

I lay down to sleep, exhausted,

I close my eyes and hope,

But just as I expected,

From the roof drops the rope.

Obviously, Oxycodone over Oxygen,

One owns you, offering options:

Overcome, open up, own up, or  it's over.

The other, only on-look with caution

I yanked and pull, trying to break it,

Rope seemingly outfighting man,

I yanked it from the ceiling,

Falling, caught a glimpse of my fan

Nowhere near natural,

The New Testament.

Naming none but him

The name above all names

I finally release this burden

I feel it glide out through my soul,

Whatever caused this darkness,.

My one true savior made me whole.


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